Cummins Aftermarket Parts

Cummins engines are renowned for their reliability, power, and efficiency, serving as the heartbeat of a wide array of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. At Funda Parts, we recognize the importance of maintaining the integrity and performance of Cummins engines with high-quality aftermarket parts. Our extensive selection of Cummins-specific components is engineered to match or exceed the quality of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, providing the assurance you need to keep your Cummins engines running at their best.

Our Cummins Parts Inventory

  • Engine Rebuild Kits: Complete kits containing everything you need for a full engine overhaul, including pistons, rings, gaskets, bearings, and seals.
  • Fuel System Components: High-precision injectors, pumps, and fuel system parts designed to ensure optimal fuel efficiency and engine performance.
  • Turbochargers: Boost your engine’s power and efficiency with our range of turbochargers specifically designed for Cummins engines.
  • Filters and Filtration Systems: Premium air, oil, and fuel filters that protect your engine from contaminants and extend its service life.
  • Electrical Components: Dependable starters, alternators, and electronic modules that ensure reliable operation of your Cummins-powered equipment.

Why Choose Funda Parts for Your Cummins Parts Needs?

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing parts that meet the stringent quality standards required for Cummins engines, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

Expert Support

Our team of parts specialists possesses deep knowledge of Cummins engines and is ready to assist you in finding the exact parts you need for your specific engine model and application.

Fast Shipping

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime for your Cummins-powered equipment, which is why we prioritize fast and efficient delivery of your parts.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our high-quality Cummins parts at competitive prices, giving you the best value for your investment and contributing to your engine's long-term performance.

Trust Funda Parts for your Cummins engine parts needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your engine is equipped with components that match its high standards of performance and reliability. Whether you’re undertaking routine maintenance, a complete overhaul, or looking to enhance performance, our selection of aftermarket Cummins parts is designed to meet your requirements. Explore our offerings and let Funda Parts support the enduring strength and efficiency of your Cummins engines.


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