Seals & Gaskets for Mining Equipment

Seals and gaskets are crucial components in mining equipment, providing essential sealing and cushioning capabilities in various machinery parts. They prevent leaks, protect against dust and contaminants, and help maintain hydraulic and pneumatic system integrity under harsh mining conditions.

Specific Products/Types/Categories

  1. Hydraulic Seals: Used in hydraulic cylinders and systems.

    • Rod Seals
    • Piston Seals
    • Wiper Seals
  2. O-Rings: Versatile rubber seals for static and dynamic applications.

    • Nitrile O-Rings
    • Silicone O-Rings
    • Viton® O-Rings
  3. Gaskets:

    • Head Gaskets: For engine cylinders.
    • Exhaust Gaskets: Seal exhaust system connections.
    • Flange Gaskets: For pipe and flange connections.
  4. Oil Seals: Prevent lubricant leakage and keep out contaminants.

    • Rotary Shaft Seals
    • Axle Seals
  5. Custom Seals: Designed for specific machinery requirements.

Common Questions

Q: How often should I replace seals and gaskets in my mining equipment? A: Replacement frequency depends on usage intensity, environmental conditions, and equipment type. Regular inspections are recommended, and immediate replacement is necessary if signs of wear or leakage are detected.

Q: Can I use the same type of seals for different machines? A: While some seals are versatile, it’s crucial to use seals that match the specifications of each machine. Using the wrong type can lead to equipment failure.

Q: Are there high-temperature resistant seals available? A: Yes, we offer seals made from materials like Viton® and silicone that are resistant to high temperatures and suitable for extreme environments.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a gasket for my equipment? A: Consider the type of fluid it needs to contain, operating temperature, pressure conditions, and the mating surface’s material and roughness.

Q: Do you provide custom seal solutions? A: Yes, we work with manufacturers to provide custom seal solutions tailored to specific equipment needs and conditions.

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